the 30 day plan

This 30 plan is designed to help you rid the body of toxins, lose weight and begin your journey to better nutrition.  As a side effect you may experience better sleep and more energy.  

Start your healthy living plan and your manifesting will also hit new highs.  Health and wealth go hand in hand.

You will also get my 30 day manifesting programme AND two crystal packs to support you on your journey.  One for weight loss and one for manifesting.

Let’s get on a call together and I can explain how the plan works, what you are going to receive and answer any questions you may have.

You will be supported throughout the plan in two separate Facebook groups and receive coaching from me too.

You will be pleasantly surprised by the cost too!

The plan is just £255 with continual support from me PLUS my manifesting plan as my gift to you for investing in your self.



This plan is designed to get rid of toxins and heal the gut.  This is not a shed weight quickly, then put it back on diet.

The products are formulated with the best that science and nature have and will nutritionally rebalance your system.

On this plan you will:

  • Reduce toxin intake.​

  • Increase nutritional intake. ​

  • Decrease inflammation of the gut.

  • Have more energy.

  • Get better sleep.

  • Move from acidic to alkaline and flush out toxins and fat.  ​ ​

The products are vegan, non GMO, with no soy, gluten or artificial additives.

The plan is easy to follow and includes meal plans and shopping lists.

You won’t feel like you are missing out or deprived as the shakes recipes are super yummy and the evening meals are divine. 

Vegan and non vegan meal plans are included.

Let’s do this!

the process

How it all works


Book your free call

Schedule your free call with me to talk through if this is a good fit for you and how it all works.

get your products

Once payment has been made for your nutritional products they will be sent via post and you will also be given access to the manifesting portal plus get your crystal packs to work with.

follow the plan

Use the products, with ongoing support via two specific Facebook groups. You will also have access to me for coaching during the plan.